NOS Shimano 600 Ultegra BB-6400 Italian Bottom Bracket

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Shimano added the word 'Ultegra' to their 600 group set in 1988 series groupset. Also often recognized by the tri-color stripe of many parts.

The Ultegra group was developed to provide a high-performance racing type bicycles for amateur racers and performance oriented sports cyclists. Ultegra features polished bearing races, high strength steels, a striking modern colour treatment and compact high-tech design theme. This approach creates new upgraded image for a fashionable high quality racing-type bicycle aimed at the performance cycling enthusiast (1991 Dealer Manual)

Model: BB-6400

Axle Width: 115mm

BB-Shell Width: 70mm

Threading: 36mm x 24mm

Material: Steel

Taper: Square Taper (JIS)

Made In: Japan

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