Bike Sizing Tips

Shopping for a bike online doesn’t have to be intimidating! On this page you’ll find tips and recommendations that will help guide you on your search for the perfect ride. If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch! The best way to reach us is by email: [email protected]. You can also give the shop a call at (773) 527-2949.

Types of Bikes
A good place to start is thinking about the style of bike you’re interested in. Working Bikes lists our refurbished adult bikes in four main categories: Road, Mountain, Hybrid, and Cruiser. Each type of bike has certain characteristics that make them ideal for different styles of riding. Check out a brief description of the styles below!

Types of Bikes

Standover Height

Standover Height (often abbreviated S.O.) is a very important part of shopping for a bike. S.O. helps determine if a bike is going to be too short or tall for a rider. We strongly recommend riders get their S.O. measurement before looking at the bikes we have available. To get your S.O. measurement:

  1. Stand up straight (with shoes on!)
  2. Plant your feet no more than a foot apart
  3. Measure the distance along the inside of your leg from the top of your inner thigh to the floor.

PLEASE NOTE! S.O. measurement is different from a pants inseam. Measure all the way to the floor to get the accurate length!
You can compare your S.O. measurement to the recommended S.O. height on each bike listing. The number in the listing is the minimum S.O. measurement required for you to safely stand over the bike. We suggest that you look for bikes with a S.O. height that is 1-3 inches shorter than your S.O. measurement. In other words, if you have a 30” S.O. measurement, a bike with a 30” S.O. height would work for you, but one with a 27”-29” S.O. height would be a bit more comfortable! 

Height & Size Chart

Kids’ bikes are measured by wheel size. While Working Bikes does list the frame size of kid’s bikes on the webstore, wheel size is the best way to determine if the bike is a good fit for a little rider!