30 Day Guarantee

We are currently only offering curbside pickup from our warehouse at 2434 S. Western Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. Please call 773-657-8419 upon arrival, after scheduling an appointment through our calendly account.

30 Day Policy
All items are sold with a thirty day mechanical warranty and a thirty day "right bike" guarantee. If any mechanical function on your bike fails, schedule a service appointment, bring it back, and we'll fix it. This does not include crashes or a flat tire -- flats happen! We also want you to have the right bike! If the bike does not fit you, you can exchange it for a bike that does. Please choose a bike of similar or greater price and we'll ask you to pay the difference in price, if any. A difference in price during exchange will result in store credit. Due to concerns about multiple people handling the same object spreading infections, we ask that you not exchange more than one bicycle. Working Bikes does not offer cash-back returns or refunds. We do our best to get you rolling on the right ride!