30 Day Guarantee

Shipping and Shopping

We are not currently shipping any orders. For the best selection of Refurbished Bicycles, you may shop on our webstore. The bikes online are available for remote shopping only, not for test rides. When you buy a bike online, you get a link in the payment confirmation email to schedule the pick up in our storefront at 2434 S. Western Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. If you would like to test ride a bike, you may do so in our storefront where we have a small selection of Refurbs on the sales floor. The bikes on the floor are not on the webstore. Walk in shopping hours are listed below, on Google, and on all of our social media accounts. 

30 Day Guarantee

All items are sold with a 30 day mechanical warranty, and a 30 day "right bike" guarantee. If any mechanical function on your bike fails, contact the service department to schedule an appointment, bring it back to the shop, and we'll fix it. This does not include crashes or a flat tire -- flats happen! On-board accessories are also not covered by the mechanical warranty. This includes built in lighting, bells, folding closure mechanisms, electronics etc. Any issues with repairs or alterations done by others besides Working Bikes are not covered, and depending on the severity of those changes may void the exchange warranty as well. 

We also want you to have the right bike! If the bike does not fit you, you can exchange it for a bike that does. If the next bike is more expensive, we'll ask you to pay the difference in price; if it’s cheaper, you’ll get store credit. Labor for accessory installation is non-refundable, and if you want your accessories transferred to a bike in an exchange additional labor charges will apply. 

Pandemic related changes to our operations have made our old storefront browsing and test ride experience unmanageable. However, we have heard many requests for a cash back return option and can now offer cash back returns, minus a $15 restock fee. That applies to people who buy a bike online, try it out around the shop, and decide not to take it home. Bikes that leave the vicinity of Working Bikes after purchase cannot be returned for a refund, and bikes that are returned for store credit will not be subject to a restocking fee. We want you to be happy, whether on a Working Bikes bike, or on a bike you get elsewhere. We do our best to get you rolling on the right ride!