Working Bikes is a Chicago-area 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Since its founding in 1999, Working Bikes has donated more than 75,000 bicycles to individuals and humanitarian organizations in the United States and around the world, providing people in under served communities with a means of transportation. Working Bikes collects used bicycles, diverting them from the waste-stream, and donates them to those in need thereby giving new life to old bikes and independence to those who need them in under served communities of the United States, Africa, and Central and South America.  Working Bikes provides these bikes to individuals and organizations in the United States and developing countries, including inner-city schools, social service agencies, and shelters to assist in homeless transition, youth empowerment, and refugee resettlement. To the people to whom they ship bikes, a bicycle can be life-changing and bring access to education, employment, healthcare, or other basic needs and is often the only source of vehicular transportation available.

Working Bikes operates from its own warehouse at 24th and Western in Chicago with a small staff and an army of dedicated volunteers who run bike drives, pick-up bikes from a network of drop-off locations across the Midwest, repair bikes, and prep/pack shipping containers.  To cover its operating costs, including the costs of shipping bikes, Working Bikes accepts contributions and sells a small number of refurbished bikes and new / used parts to the public from its warehouse.

The Working Bikes Hard-to-Find Online Store is where you will find a small selection of unique bikes, parts, and accessories. While only a small sampling of what's available in our retail shop, your purchases support our mission and will continue to allow us to put bicycles into the hands of those who need them. Thanks for supporting us and please visit our retail shop and warehouse at 24th and Western in Chicago.

For more information about Working Bikes, please visit www.workingbikes.org


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