Cygolite Dice HL 150 Headlight and Dice TL 50 Taillight Set USB

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Made for road cyclists and commuters, the Cygolite Dice combo provides powerful vision and visibility in the smallest package possible. Fire up the night with the Dice headlight's incredible 150 lumens to see clear and far ahead, and stand out in broad daylight with intense lightning-like flashes. To cover your rear, the Dice 50 tail light stands out with its powerful and extra wide 50 lumen flashes. Both lights sense day and night, automatically switching to the optimal flashing mode to maximize your visual presence at all times.

  • Features Enhanced Cycling Optics that cast an extra wide and long range beam compared to conventional lighting optics
  • Water-resistant design for all riding conditions
  • Low battery indicator and light memory mode saves the mode the rider is using when the light is turned off
  • 150 lumen headlight with eight modes, 50 lumen taillight with eight modes, for use on roads and commuting
  • Battery: 2, 702322 Lithium Polymer, 3.7(V), 1.11(Wh), 6g, Included
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