Prepare Your Bike

Have you discovered the joy of cycling? Think you can't bike through winter? You can! Get you and your bike ready for winter with gear and accessories.

Full coverage fenders protect both you and your bike from the harsh effects of ice melter and spray that comes off your tires as you roll. Ask if you don't know if you have the clearance, or better yet hit up our Service Department to have your fenders installed professionally. Drop off appointments are available 5 days a week. It's also worth stopping by so we can check out your bike in person, we may have some more affordable options than are available on the webstore.

In winter it gets dark early and visibility is frequently low. You'll need to be seen with our great selection of USB rechargeable bike lights. The brighter the better!

Need help choosing the right gear? Need advice? Send inquiries to [email protected], we have tons of experience cycling year-round!

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